Automatic MIDI Inverter

Makes the high notes low and the low notes high.

Flip one midi file


Flip several midi files

This option accepts multiple files and returns a zip archive containing the inverted files. The files to flip must be in one directory on your computer. Any corrupted files or non-midi files will be skipped.


What is all this?

This is the Automatic MIDI Inverter! Inspired by Andrew Huang, the basic idea is to start from the first note and pivot every note from above to below, and vice versa, while keeping the same interval. For a more detailed explanation and example, watch Andrew's video about it.

As an improvement on Andrew's original idea, where the first note stays the same and all the notes are flipped around that note, my code finds the pitch in the center of the range and flips everything around that pitch, which keeps the range of the inversion the same as that of the original. With Andrew's method, it's possible to get notes that are too high or low for midi files.

If you have any problems with the site, email Dan at Dan Cusher dot com or tweet @dscush. The code for all this is open source. Also check out Sophie Hamilton's version of the midi flipper